‘Cider & Ginger’ Natural Shampoo Bar


This Natural solid shampoo bar for dry scalp is sensitive skin friendly.    It is super cleansing, soothing and leaves your hair soft & shiny.

It is a unisex product and is fabulous for shaving too.

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This beautiful hand made shampoo bar comes from Lucy’s Soap Kitchen in Ireland, where she uses Patchouli and Orange oil along with Apple Cider vinegar & Ginger to make a invigorating long lasting natural shampoo bar.

This natural solid shampoo soap bar is sensitive skin friendly.  Excellent for cleansing the hair, soothing the scalp to leave your hair soft and shiny.  A uni-sex product that is ideal for travel as not only can it be used on the hair and body but it’s absolutely fab for shaving too.  A great choice when you need to pack less products. 

Irish Cider (produced in Co.Meath) is used instead of water in the soap making process helping to give a lower ph which is important for the hair shaft. A high percentage of avocado and castor oils give a great balance of bubbliness, conditioning and cleansing.  Essential Oils of Ginger, Grapefruit and Patchouli help to balance and soothe the scalp.  To keep the shampoo bar performing well time after time do keep it dry between use.  Free draining, if possible, and not sat in water.

As the shampoo bar will open the hair shaft to deep cleanse, for best results we advise doing a cold water rinse to finish.  It’s really invigorating but importantly it will close the hair shaft.   This will improve shine and help prevent damage if blow drying and styling.  We would also add a shot (think whiskey shot size!)  of apple cider vinegar to that final cold water rinse.  Your hair will feel unbelievably soft and you won’t need to  use any conditioner.  A slight faff?  Yes, a little but for the result – well worth it!



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