About Us

We are a family run independent cosmetics company  based in Poole, Dorset, UK, that aims to bring you quality cosmetics, that are and always will be Cruelty-Free, Non-Toxic and Vegan.  Not only do we wish to provide great quality products that we know you will love and are better for you, we also aim to provide great customer service.  We believe that our Quality, Values and Range of colours are our best selling points.

As part of our ethos we like to recycle everything where possible and will often re-use packaging from parcels that have been sent to us when packing your goods to send to you.  We also buy in recycled packaging e.g the tissue paper used in our gift boxes.

We work very hard maintain our standards and are always working to improve things.  If you have any queries, suggestions or requests, please  use the contact us form and let us know your thoughts.  We always value our customers feedback and will aim to get back to you asap.

Read more about the LivOliv journey here.


The LivOliv Team x