Add some colour to your manicure!

Colour is an irreplaceable form of communication. What colour you choose to wear can say a lot about you as a persom, what mood you’re in and how you’re feeling.

 This weeks blog will take a dip into the world of colour theory, 2019 colour trends and how you can rock these shades on your nails!


It makes perfect sense for Pantone’s colour of the year to be on the trend radar in 2019. Living Coral has paved the way for blush pinks and punchy orange tones to be the in thing on your nails this summer.

According to Elle Decor, blue and green hues are going to make a big impact in the world of interior Design. We here at Livoliv absolutely love natural, earthy tones so this is one we can get behind!

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite colours and what they signify…


Red can be fiery, red can be elegant and red can be sultry. It all depends on the shade! Fiery reds are also a colour trend for 2019, making its way into fashion, design and branding in both subtle and strong ways.

A deep red nail polish can finish off any evening dress perfectly- but, alternatively a bright cherry red, like Livoliv’s very own ‘Love’ can be a fun way to add a pop of colour to a casual outfit.


Orange is fresh and vibrant, and is associated with sunshine and joy. Similar to red, the choice of shade can take your manicure to a whole new level. Deep, burnt oranges are perfect for autumn colourings (check out ‘The Goddess’ for a deep holographic copper) whereas bright, neon oranges work for those days on the beach. You can’t go any brighter than ‘Carnival’ a smooth neon creme polish that glides on like butter.


Green symbolises growth, strength, nature and energy. According to The Beauty Gypsy, green nail polish is a top choice for people who love to explore!

Whether you’re looking for a pastel shade perfect for Spring such as the good enough to eat ‘Mint Gelato’– or a showstopper sparkle like ‘Emerald City’ There is a shade of green for everyone to suit any mood, outfit or nail art design.


Blue is a mindful colour and looks great against a summer tan! Pastel blue’s such as ‘Cornflowers’ creates a lovely contrast to sun kissed hands and feet. Why not take it one step further and finish off with a Buff Stuff Matte topcoat?


With summer just around the corner, you can’t get any more seasonal than a gorgeous yellow polish! Super bright and cheerful, a yellow manicure with added nail art is sure to make a statement. If you’re after some simple nail art designs to try, why not have a read of our previous blog?

purple and pink

Purples and pinks are the ultimate go to colour choice when you’re feeling super girly. So What! Is an ultra sparkly pink polish with a hint of turquoise shimmer that we’re sure you’ll love. Remember to always use a quality base coat before applying any nail polish to help protect your nails and ensure your manicure lasts longer.

a note from us

As the sun is slowly making an appearance again, we are so excited to see all your Spring/Summer colours in action. We always love seeing your manicures so please do send pictures to our pages!

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Liv Happily…

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