How Does Magnetic Nail Polish Work?

how does magnetic nail polish work?

we hope everyone is enjoying the easter holidays so far. Who’s taking the opportunity away from school or college to jazz up their manicure?! we always love seeing what you come up with, so please do send us photos on our social media pages.

This weeks blog is all about magnetic nail polish (plus some exciting news from us so keep reading to find out!) 

what is magnetic nail polish?

Magnetic nail polish is a great example of how simple science can create something pretty cool. The nail polish formula contains tiny tiny metal particles that are attracted to magnets. We have a great cat eye magnetic nail art tool on our website that has two ends for versatility. 

Remember how fun science lessons were in Primary school? Well, cast your mind back to the basics of how magnets work. If one has a positive charge and another has a negative charge- they will be attracted to each other and stick together. 

This is essentially how our magnetic nail polish works! When you place a magnet over wet nail polish (it has to be still wet) the metal particles in the polish rise towards the magnet, creating a pattern. 

magnetic field illustration

top tips for applying magnetic nail polish

• Applying a thicker second coat of the magnetic polish will help your designs appear more prominently. 

• Hold the magnet as close as possible to help you achieve the best effect

• Don’t rush with the magnet! Holding it over the polish as long as possible will allow more magnetic particles to rise to the surface.

 • Don’t apply a third coat once it’s dried as this will ruin your hard work. 

meet our line-up

Miss Direction is a gorgeous midnight blue magnetic nail polish that, like all of our polishes here at Livoliv is completely vegan, cruelty- free and non toxic. 

livoliv cruelty free magnetic nail polish blue

Levitate me is deep purple, perfect for creating mesmerising magnetic designs. Apply two generous coats over our ‘Bed Rock Base Coat’ for best results. 

livoliv cruelty free magnetic nail polish purple

Liviosa! Is perfect if you want to keep up with spring trends. Burnt orange and copper tones are all the range this season- you can check out our previous blog here. Don’t you think this would finish off an outfit nicely? 

livoliv cruelty free magnetic nail polish bronze

The Conjurer is a fabulous multi-coloured magnetic polish that really has the wow factor. Once you’re done creating your designs with the magnetic tool, finish off with a layer of ‘Shining Armour’ or why not try our ‘Buff Stuff’ matte topcoat for a little something different?

livoliv cruelty free magnetic nail polish chameleon

nail news

We are so excited to finally release our Nail Polish Remover! We’ve been working so hard for the last 6 months to get this baby out there. It is super efficient, acetone free (read more about the damaging effects of acetone here) 5 free, vegan and cruelty free. 

With no harsh chemicals, this remover won’t dry out your skin or damage your nails. It is made with natural scents such as lemongrass and ginger and it’s enriched with Vitamin E with further helps to moisturise your skin. We are super excited to see the feedback we get on this amazing product so please do let us know if you try it out! 

That’s it from us this week, enjoy the rest of your Easter Holidays and don’t eat too much chocolate…(yeah right!) 

The Livoliv team x